Kajabi Got A New Look?

Kajabi released two announcements in the last week, that has people a buzz.

First, they released the Kajabi theme “Paperclip”. This theme was used for the Product Launch Formula funnel events.

I personally think this will be a big deal for those that have been hammering the forums wondering why they don’t have access to that theme…so now they do… let’s see what THEY launch :)

Next, the admin dashboard recently went through an overhaul. So far, the response from current Kajabi users look very positive.

The new look:

What’s so different about it? Three biggies:

  • condensed navigation
  • page path reference- you can now see where you are and with one click be back on your main project page
  • removed the word “preview” (that was confusing to new users) and instead added the project name

It’s also important to note that no functionality moved, just the design and look changed.

If you’re a Kajabi user, do you like the new dashboard? I’d love to hear your feedback on it.

3 Brand Spankin New Kajabi Features

I love getting those little pings from the Kajabi team when they add new features!

Here is a quick peek at what you’ll notice in your dashboard from a quiet update that took place earlier today.

1. Customized Placeholder Text: When you are setting up your “FUNNEL” you have the opportunity to put in a placeholder that shows there is more good stuff to come. As of today, you can customize that text. This will offer the ability to add the actual title of a video or piece of prelaunch content OR for those around the world using Kajabi, you can now add a title in your own language! :)

2: Customize Your Tweets! You can now add the text you want others to “Tweet” when they click the blue bird on your compensation page. Note that it even shows you how many characters you have left to be sure you stay within the 140 character limit.

3: Customize Your Facebook Headlines! In the above image, you can add a headline or description text that will be populated when people want to share your content on their Facebook page.

Of course, there are more features as well that got rolled out but those were the three that made me say “YEA” more options to customize! So what are you waiting for? Get to it and start tweaking your funnels!

p.s. do you have a feature in Kajabi that you just aren’t sure of how to use or looking for ideas on how to use it? Post a comment below on what you want to see in Kajabi Feature Spotlight.

Kajabi Case Study: Hines Ward Part 2

After I posted my review of the Hines Ward Club86 Kajabi setup the Kajabi team and I were on Skype reviewing the overall process and how to make sure both the end users have a great experience and of course, Ward’s organization gets the results they want and Kajabi meets their needs.

So a few points of our conversation were covered in the Kajabi Case Study Part 1, to recap:

1. People were jumping through way to many hoops to get access to Club86
2. Copy on the pages was confusing.. registered or not registered, go where, do what?
3. In terms of Kajabi Event Pages we didn’t want to lose the Social Networking/Comments function

So here is what you will see now at Club86:

You can see that the entire first squeeze page sequence was eliminated and the text on the page was changed to give a clear message to the end users.

What you are seeing above is an OPEN EVENT PAGE, meaning, there is no squeeze page before it.

The uber nice looking graphic was added to the “content” box and hyper-linked to the registration page.

You can’t make an easier, end user friendly process than this!

Kajabi Tip #1: Your Welcome Email

Ok.. this Kajabi tip is 100% my own pet peeve. I’ll admit it, but it’s details like this that will make you stand above the rest and make an impression on your customers.

When you start your Kajabi project you have the opportunity to customize the welcome message that is emailed to new users with their login credentials. Do It!

3 Ways To Personalize Your Welcome

Kajabi gives you a great generic template to follow. However, it’s just that… a TEMPLATE!

I work on so many Kajabi projects behind the scenes that my inbox is full of these welcome emails and it can be confusing to customers that buy several products delivered via Kajabi what login goes with what product when you are doing quick searches through your inbox.

Go ahead and put your own personal welcome message in there with your own flair. Just make sure you don’t overlook two things…

1. Don’t forget to keep the key fields Kajabi will populate when the email processes. I circled them below because if you remove those you’ll have sad customers that don’t get their passwords :(

2. If your customer forgets their password and you hit the “reset password” button, this email will get sent to them again.. so keep that in mind when you are writing your copy.

3. Your “Display Name” will appear in your subject line of your Kajabi Welcome message. example: [Kajabi Affiliate Portal] Login Details Email

Test the email to see what it looks like before you make a final decision or to see if you need to tweak it.

That welcome email is often the first interaction with a customer, go ahead and wow them :)

p.s. have a Kajabi question? go ahead and leave it below to get it answered in the next Kajabi Tip blog post