How to Use Trello, Part 1: Creating a Board

How to Use Trello, Part 1: Creating a Board

by Kristen Arnold



How to get things done is always important to me and for that reason, I’m always on the look out for new tools and resources. The latest find is called “Trello”, and I would best describe it simply as a “visual task management board”.

I’ve spent the last few weeks working with it and like many tools, it has some pro’s and con’s but overall, I like the visual view of being able to have a summary that I can slide from one spot to another and if I need more detail I can dig deeper into the “card”, their term for a task.

The biggest downfall I’ve found so far is that it is 100% reliant on an internet connection,even the mobile app version. :(. If it had the ability to take changes and hold them until you sync it, like Evernote, this tool would easily win two more stars with me. However, it’s still worth giving it a look.

How to Get Started with Trello

The terminology is important as each project is called a “Board”. Boards have a collection of “lists” and lists contain “cards”. First thing to do is to create a “New Board” in your board page.

New board

By clicking “New Board”, a pop-up window will appear and there’s an option there where you can name your board by filling-in the Title slot bar. After naming your board, just click the Create green button.

Create a board


Create Lists on Trello Board

Once your Board is created, you can see your default lists.

default lists

As you can see above, this is as simple as it can get- “To Do” “Doing” and “Done”, that’s a simple way to get started.

list is a collection of vertically-arranged cards. It may represents things to do, collection of ideas, things to remember and so on. If you want to add more list to your Trello board, you can do that by clicking “Add a list”

add a list

You can also edit or rename your list  just by clicking it. It also allows you to arrange your list by dragging them left and right.

dragging list

(drag to your desired position)

dragging list 2


Add Cards to Trello Board

Cards are the basic unit of a board. They are under your lists on your board which might represent things that you must do or remember. By adding a card, select “add a card” on your selected lists. For example, under “To Do” list, I add a card that says “Make a Trello tutorial article” then click the Add green button

add a card

You can add cards on your lists as many as you want.

By clicking the arrow down button on selected card, you can see the options there on how you can edit and add more details on your card.

editing card

Labels: represented by colors and it’s a way on categorizing a card. A single card can have multiple labels.

Members: you can add members to a specific cards by clicking Members and searching your member’s name.

Due Date: you can set a specific date and time for a when a card is due. Yellow badge means it’s within 24 hrs of being due and Red badge means it’s past due.

Move: you can move a card and lists within a board to which they belong. You can drag and drop them or by selecting the Move option to arrange your card/lists.

Subscribe: you can subscribe to a specific cards and allows you to be notified when another user makes a change to a card.

You can also Vote for a card if you agree to what it says. Attach a file on a card and Copy a specific card all under the More action button.

Next Steps with Trello

We’ll dive into this tool in a bit more detail in the next post, for now, go ahead and create a free Trello account and start checking it out.

Internet Marketing Tools = Passion??

When I started poking at the world of internet marketing years ago (from my kitchen table), I was amazed how everything I looked at expanded more and more. Just when you thought you “got it”.. there was another source telling you even more than you could fathom.

I guess that’s why so many people become engrossed in the world of internet marketing and yet can’t seem to put the pieces together to “make it” full time in their internet business. Some know it as the “Next Shiny Object Syndrome” when you keep buying the next thing and don’t stop to put the last purchase to work first. I’ve known for a long time that it’s easy to hit paralysis by analysis (and many times have hit that block myself) because you know that once you put something out there, you’ll learn something more or different and that one thing could have been better.

I also know that after talking with peers around the world, it’s amazing how many OPTIONS are available.. basically it’s impossible for one person to keep up. Even though I try :)

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