Let’s Roll!

OK, you did it- pretty quick and painless right?

So here’s what’s going to happen now..

Every Tuesday you will get an email from me with a Kajabi tip, review, tutorial or feature update so watch out for it.

In the mean time, I’m a totally spontaneous blogger.. i.e. when the mood hits me or when something new comes out I love to talk and I love including screenshots about it so I suggest you subscribe to this blog to be sure you get updates and even more tutorials when I post them!

Finally, last but not least.. we’re social.. so let’s connect! Hope over to the KajabiMaster Facebook page.. it’s still fresh, new and just getting rolling so you can be a “founding member” and help lead the pack of Kajabi users!

We’ll chat again soon and thanks again for connecting!


Hey, there, I’m so excited to see you join us!

I’m ready to send out your first email but first..because I want to make sure you really did ask to get updates I need you to “confirm” by following the directions below: