Implementation in Business…What’s Holding You Back?

In the last 11 years that I’ve worked with startup businesses, I hear the same question repeated hundreds, if not thousands of times[cow_johnson general_bgcolor=”#c1f4ff” general_gradientstyle=”diagonal_up”]”What is the key to implementation in business? I know what I should be doing, but I have trouble figuring out what to do next and how to do it”[/cow_johnson] This is not uncommon. Business is overwhelming. Period.

5 Key Business Sections

When I look at a business, I see 5 Key Business sections:

1. The Lead and Relationship– How is that business attracting new leads and building a relationship with prospective customers?

2. The Product– What are they selling and what goes into that production piece? This isn’t always a product to sell, it could be a person that you are branding or the free offers/content that you are using for the Lead and Relationship. I also include the marketing and sales process here, because a business is always selling something- the lead, the click, the buy, the experience…it’s how a business keeps it’s doors open.

3. The Business Direction & Strategy – This is a key part of any business. There should always be someone or a team that is looking at the overall strategy of the business both long term and short term. If you are constantly worried about cashflow and turning a quick buck then it’s not a business with long term sustainability.

4. Front Stage – a term we use all the time to describe what your customers see on the front end (like when you have unexpected company and they see a nice clean kitchen and not the dirty dishes you threw in the oven to hide :0 ).

5. Back Stage – all the nitty gritty pieces that need to be put in place and working to make the Front Stage look seamless and work.  These are all the HOW pieces – how you get a website up, how you get the lead capture working and the right messages going out, how the relationship building is implemented and how the product is filled…. and so much more.

Now, a majority of business owners are familiar with the above 5 stages, because I’m sure they remember, if they still aren’t there, managing all those stages themselves. Business owners make a joke of being the chief cook and bottle washer, that’s what they call bootstrapping right?

Learn First, Implementation Strategy Second

The challenge here is how to handle implementing strategies in business without working 17 hour days, 7 days a week.

There is always so much to learn in a business, and if you are in the world of Internet Marking, there is always the “new shiny object syndrom”. How do you cut through it all?

I’ve been through hundreds of hours of Internet Marketing training programs. It’s a personal passion, I love to see the different techniques and strategies people use for results in their businesses.  The ways to build a business or just make money on the internet (and yes, they are two very different things) is always so astounding to me.

implementation_in_businessImplementation Strategy #1: There’s a technique where I take notes in all of these trainings and strategies that I see, and I put them all in a mindmap. I do it while I’m reviewing the materials or after I talk to someone and  hear a strategy that’s working for them,  so it’s easy to remember/listen/read and jot down notes and the free flow structure of a mindmap makes it easier to get a visual of the big picture than a word document.

Each training has it’s own color, then when I find something that is an “AHA moment” I  copy that from the overall course notes into one map I have that’s just for my business. It MUST be something that is implementable in the present or a strategy for the near future, otherwise that Business Implementation plan just gets too cluttered and you get back to overwhelm.

What’s just as important is having a RESULTS reporting spot after that. Think S.M.A.R.T goals.. everything in your business should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Based so you can track your results and ROI.

That’s a simple Implementation Strategy you can use right away, in another post coming soon I’ll include Implementation Strategy #2, until then, go ahead and leave a comment below on how you move from learning to implementation in your business.





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