Kajabi Created vs Join Date

The Kajabi user profiles show a “Join Date”. This is the date the person actually joined the subscription level that shows in their user profile.

However, if you download the csv file of your users (which you should do on a regular basis to keep a personal 100% backup), then you will see a “Join Date” and a “Created Date”.

The “Created Date” is the date they optin and created an intial account vs the “Join Date” when they actually become a full member. However, in the user profile you will only see a “Join Date”.

However, recently I noticed that you can no longer search portal users by “optins” from the “Portal Users” tab AND any users that are not already in your Kajabi portal as users, their names show up under the comment but it is NOT linked to any profile. Unlike before you could click on the persons name and see when they opted into your funnel.

This is a silent change that I noticed in using the system, I’m not sure why or if it will be back.

A negative I see is that I normally like to watch those users that optin to see what other comments they have (on other prelaunch content pieces). Now without the ability to link to that profile, I lose the ability to watch all the comments that user makes in one easy place OR if they convert into a buyer.




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