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Kajabi Tip #2: Searching Comments

One of the downfalls to comment moderation in Kajabi is that you can’t search comments.

In today’s Kajabi Tip I’ll show you a work around to cut your time searching for individual comments.

Why Do You Need To Change Comments?

You may wonder why you may need to search for a comment, so here are a couple scenarios:

1. You are starting a new session and you want to “hide or unapprove” comments that may not apply to the new session.

2. You find that certain comments have become controversial between members (remember: people are VERY passionate about their tools, resources or opinions) so it’s best to remove it.

3. You had comment moderation turned off and now you want to go back and unapprove or edit comments.

Yes, you can do basic search functions such as “Approved, Not Approved, Suggestions, Answers”.. but to actually search for a single comment.. is painful to say the least.

What is “Expert” Status?

I recently had a call with a client and I have been laughing at the start of the consultation because it went like this (and yes, I’m paraphrasing but you get the point)..

“You came highly recommended to us from the Kajabi team, so thank you so much for taking some time to talk with us because it sounds like you are just the person we need, but we have to say, we’ve never heard of you.. so WHO are you and what exactly is it that you do?”

Then I had an email exchange with another person in my network who does similar work as me and her comment was “VERY few people know what we do”.

And this comes back to the point that I’ve known for a long time, I’m what people refer to as the Jill of many trades, an implementer, an online marketing specialist, an entrepreneur, and several other random titles but how does that exactly transfer into “expert” status?