Is It Paralysis by Analysis?

Is it Paralysis by Analysis?

by Kristen Arnold

From the first time I stumbled upon the world of online marketing I’ve been hooked. As a natural avid learner & problem solver, I started devouring every piece of content I could find and putting these tactics into action right away. Then a strange thing happened…. I got lost, things seemed to get overly complicated and each way I started to turn things just seemed to turn into a bowl of spaghetti. The more I learned, the more I realized I was only touching the tip of the iceburg and I needed to dive deeper into the topic. Sound familiar? Then my worse fear happened. That THING that I always heard of hitting other people but not me.. that thing is..

Paralysis by Analysis

It happens to everyone at one point or another, the trick is identifying it and moving beyond it. For some they can quickly pull themselves out of it or rise above it, for me, it was about a three year paralysis. However, I have to say, most of that was due to other time commitments, at least that’s what I like to tell myself. I’ve been in the world of online marketing for over 10 years now, I’ve worked with some of the best, smartest marketers and reviewed hundreds of courses, pdf’s and ebooks from the good (and so not so good) marketers. When I stop and look back at these years, I see this wide gap, the paralysis by analysis, it’s now so easy to identify when others hit it. For the beginner, the person that states “I want to start selling and build an online business”, the answer across the board is easy  and training is plentiful. Find your niche, buy a domain, put up a WordPress blog, start publishing, mix in social media and build your list. Pretty straight forward right? OK, so maybe I oversimplified that just a little.. but those are the basic milestones. Then the beginner transitions out of that role. They have a platform to serve their message and they want to reach more people, build more products & sell more.. they expand into the world of website traffic strategies and lead generation focused on conversions. That’s where you can start going into so many directions that it does become overwhelming on what to do next… there are hundreds of choices for the online business owner that wants to grow their skills. Do they follow:

  • The YouTube/video experts?
  • The blogging experts?
  • The “How to be an Author” experts?
  • The Pay Per Click experts?
  • The Affiliate experts?
  • The “How to be a consultant/sell your services” experts?
  • The Social Media experts?
  • New evolving strategies like podcasts & Kindle books?

What strategies and tactics can your business benefit from? What blends with your personal style and customers?

Thinking To Big?

In talking with people I find that sometimes their fall into analysis paralysis is simply that they get too caught up in themselves. I don’t want that to sound cruel.. but it’s true. Get over yourself and think about who you are building a business to serve. You are not doing any service to those people by “getting all up in your head” and not producing anything. Keep the focus on them, and serve them what they want/need. [pullquote]“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill[/pullquote]Every business owner should have big stretch goals and forward thinking strategies but it should not stop you from the steps you need to take today and tomorrow to set the foundation for those goals.

Too Many Choices?

Understanding what to implement and when can be another cause of that analysis by paralysis. We live in the information world and it can work against us having too much information at our access while we sit on our tushes and try to soak them all up. You want to learn it and get it right before you actually do something. And this my friends, is the killer… because there is always something to learn and this person will tell you it’s the right thing and that person will tell you it’s not.. or you learn all this SEO (search engine optimization) stuff and then there is another search engine update and all of that is null and void.

Is it a Training Flaw?

Here is my question that I’ve been pondering, is it a flaw in the trainings that are offered to online businesses? In the effort to over deliver value, is it that the multi-media courses that are full of hours upon hours of training is just too much for someone to learn and feel like they can take action? Are there trainings available that cover that gap and bridge the beginner into the next phase, from foundation to expansion? Is it all or nothing? How do you feel about taking pieces from each of the above experts and implementing them in your own way? I would love to hear others thoughts on this topic because for me personally, I think it’s a really juicy one so leave a comment below and tell me what you think of paralysis by analysis. I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts on this topic, it’s one that has touched so many people. Leave a comment below on your experience and/or how you overcame it.

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