4 Profitable Ways To Use Kajabi

You don’t need to wait months to profit from Kajabi. The Kajabi platform allows you to quickly set up marketing and sales funnels in your business without getting caught up in the tech work but it also allows you to quickly post your content for others to benefit from. It’s this quick action that allows you to start turning a profit with Kajabi while others are still trying to put up a squeeze page.

Affiliate sales – everyone loves REAL reviews of products or services before they buy. Just think about how many times in regular, everyday conversations you recommend something to a friend, or they rave about their latest purchase. It’s so easy to do with Kajabi.

  1. Think Simple: create an “Event Page”
  2. Add a paragraph that is a detailed description don’t forget to add your affiliate links in!
  3. Kick it up a notch by adding a button that say’s “Get It Here” or “See More” and link it with your affiliate link
  4. Break out your Flip camera and shoot 2-3 minutes of you talking about the product
  5. Upload to your Event Page
  6. Add your keyword driven description into the “Description” field (that’s your SEO Meta box for the search engines)
  7. Turn on Facebook Comments
  8. Turn on Social Sharing
  9. Publish the page
  10. Link to that event page when you are talking about that product

Sell your own product– if you have your own product to sell go ahead and Kajabi it! You can choose to use the funnels for marketing or sales or just use it to quickly deliver a multi-media program. You can be up and running in half an hour.

If you have an ebook already, you can break each chapter down into it’s own lesson or module and add a video or audio of you giving more insights, tips or ideas on how to apply it.

If you have videos, you can quickly add some cheat sheets, or other supplemental materials while allowing people to comment, provide feedback and interact with you.

Coaching Program– you can stop trading dollars for hours with one on one coaching and help more people with a coaching program (then of course, offer a premium level of coaching for those one on one’s). Kajabi allows you to create several different membership levels within one project so you can decide who sees what content and even tease one level of subscribers with the content at the other level!

The community interaction in Kajabi allows you to help your clients step by step through the program and answer their questions when they need them the most!

Build Your List – utilize a simple squeeze page and give away something incredibley awesome to people that want to know more about you, your expertise or your products. Once you have their email address, the focus is building a relationship with them and then move to one of the above ways to use Kajabi at the next level

  • sell affiliate products
  • sell your own product
  • offer a coaching program

If you really want to double your action, put a squeeze page before your reviews and send them a review a day on a topic of their interest.

The key is to provide value to those you wish to serve, earn their trust and build a relationship. Looking at earning quick buck is short sighted and instead of sustaining your business, will come back to haunt you!

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