Kajabi Tip #1: Your Welcome Email

Ok.. this Kajabi tip is 100% my own pet peeve. I’ll admit it, but it’s details like this that will make you stand above the rest and make an impression on your customers.

When you start your Kajabi project you have the opportunity to customize the welcome message that is emailed to new users with their login credentials. Do It!

3 Ways To Personalize Your Welcome

Kajabi gives you a great generic template to follow. However, it’s just that… a TEMPLATE!

I work on so many Kajabi projects behind the scenes that my inbox is full of these welcome emails and it can be confusing to customers that buy several products delivered via Kajabi what login goes with what product when you are doing quick searches through your inbox.

Go ahead and put your own personal welcome message in there with your own flair. Just make sure you don’t overlook two things…

1. Don’t forget to keep the key fields Kajabi will populate when the email processes. I circled them below because if you remove those you’ll have sad customers that don’t get their passwords :(

2. If your customer forgets their password and you hit the “reset password” button, this email will get sent to them again.. so keep that in mind when you are writing your copy.

3. Your “Display Name” will appear in your subject line of your Kajabi Welcome message. example: [Kajabi Affiliate Portal] Login Details Email

Test the email to see what it looks like before you make a final decision or to see if you need to tweak it.

That welcome email is often the first interaction with a customer, go ahead and wow them :)

p.s. have a Kajabi question? go ahead and leave it below to get it answered in the next Kajabi Tip blog post