4 Profitable Ways To Use Kajabi

You don’t need to wait months to profit from Kajabi. The Kajabi platform allows you to quickly set up marketing and sales funnels in your business without getting caught up in the tech work but it also allows you to quickly post your content for others to benefit from. It’s this quick action that allows you to start turning a profit with Kajabi while others are still trying to put up a squeeze page.

Kajabi Feature.. Close but no Cigar??

I’m all about shorter keystrokes and less clicks to get the result, so here is a Kajabi feature that I REALLY wanted, the ability to search comments. But, did it really do everything I was hoping for?

Kajabi CommentsRight now, when you are in your admin dashboard and looking at your list of content pages under the “Content” tab, you’ll see that the last column shows the number of comments on each page.

Technically, this shows the number of comments that are approved (the 9 comments) and the number of comments that are NOT approved (the red 6).